Welly Walk

Dear Parents

The weather on Wednesday looks to be awful! And though in the early years, we never shy away from wet weather, the chance of thundery downpours when we are leaving the school site for our first nature reserve trip, is less than ideal!

The weather on Friday looks to be much nicer, and so we would like to ask if parent and grandparent helpers are available for that day instead?

We would be leaving nursery at 9.30am and returning by 11.00 am.

Many thanks.

The Nursery Team

Our Senses

Today we have been exploring our senses, and talking about what we use our ears, noses, mouths and eyes for.

We popped some corn for the children to listen to, then watched it jump. Then for the best bit, we smelt and tasted it when it was cooked.

Afterwards we had great fun playing parachute games.

Next week we will be celebrating Harvest Festival. We will be exploring fruits and vegetables, singing Harvest songs and thinking about others in need.

Don’t forget to bring in any donations for the food bank.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

The Nursery Team

The Little Red Hen

This week we have been sharing the story of the little red hen. We have been thinking about how it is nice to help others and to share. we read another story about a very helpful hedgehog.

We have looked closely at wheat sheaf, wheat berries and flour, and had a go at smashing the wheat berries to make flour. Itwas really hard, much easier in a windmill!

Today we also made bread! We enjoyed kneading the dough, even though it got a little sticky at times. We used scissors to snip the rolls so they look like hedgehog spikes, and added raisins for eyes.

Next week we would like to go to the nature reserve on Wednesday. In order to do this we need some willing parents helpers. Please let us know if you are able to help out.

Mummy Bear’s Porridge

The children in nursery had a surprise delivery this morning! Mummy bear came to the school office with a letter, and some ingredients to make porridge! She asked us to help her make some for baby bear, as his was all eaten up!

We followed her instructions and all helped. We enjoyed tasting it, making sure it was not too hot or too cold – it was just right. So some of us ate it all up!

After that we had fun in the garden, followed by our Friday music session. Today, we were guessing the secret instrument played behind a screen. We then played along to our Goldilocks song.

We hope you all have a great weekend.

The Nursery Team

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have had a lovely few days , sharing lots of different versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears stories. We’ve played with porridge, talked about sizes, learnt a new song and went on a bear hunt during our welly walk on Wednesday. We even took our bears with us for a teddy bear picnic.

Stars of the Week

Well done to all our stars of the week. They are chosen for various reasons, including being helpful, good listening, managing to do something independently and using good manners.

Friday Fun Day

Each Friday we will be having a music session. The children really enjoyed exploring the sounds the instruments made and playing along to a song.

Wonderful Welly Walk

It was a beautiful autumnal sunny day for our welly walk today! We tried to find things of different colours, and enjoyed pretending our sticks were magic wands.

We came back for some well earned quiet time, with our special bears. We practised slow breathing and mindfulness.

The children also did really well leaving you at the gates this morning. Well done.

The Nursery Team x

New Drop Off Procedures

Good evening all,

In light of the new measures that are being taken in school to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, from tomorrow am we will collect the children from the gate at 8.30am.

We will also bring them back up to the gate at 11.30am for collection.

These more stringent measures are expected to be temporary, and will keep you updated moving forwards.

Many thanks

The Nursery Team